Saturday, February 05, 2011

Health Care and the States

For decades, the fifty states have used health care regulations to rob their citizens blind.

The reason that Obamacare seems so much worse than local state regulations is that Obamacare got media attention. In contrast, state legislators have learned to sneak bad regulations past the public with essentially no scrutiny.

The proponents of nullification and states rights have two fatal flaws. The first flaw is that states don't have rights. Rights come from God. The Constitution states that people have rights, states and the federal government have limited powers. "States Rights" was the cry of slaveholders and Jim Crow.

Nullification is a different thing. Nullification states that a unconstitutional law cannot be law, so the states don't have to enforce it.

The bigger fatal flaw is that state regulation of health care is awful.

Every state has laws which block access and centralize health care into just a few politically connected hand.

Our health care rates go up every year because our individual state legislatures are cesspools of corruption. Unfortunately, people do not pay attention to their state legislatures and they get away with their skullduggery.

State regulation of health care is so bad that the horrible bill passed by the 111th Congress, as bad as it is, might actually do better than what the states have done to health care these past fifty years.

For Republicans to overturn Obamacare, they must come up with something more substantive then "states rights." Repealing Obamacare with the call for states rights will actually do little more than accelerate the corruption of state regulators and decrease the quality of care.

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