Monday, January 31, 2011

Star Struck Politicians with Taxpayer Dollars

I got cellphone with an expensive 3G data plan. I got the phone so that I could develop sites optimized for a cellphone.

Anyway, 3G is sufficient to stream YouTube videos. So, I've been trolling YouTube and Vimeo for videos. I hope to find other services that stream video to cellphones.

So, I've been streaming locally produced videos and linking to the good ones. Locally means Mountain West. Here is a mobi optimized list by town.

Well, I just watched a 10 minute video by the Wyoming Film Office (View Here) that started talking about all of the resources and tax breaks governments give to film makers to enduce them to film in their locality.

Half way through watching the interview, the tape recorder in my head started playing the endless stream of movie stars and producers who routinely condemn the plebians about not paying enough taxes ... while the ruling class film makers demand to be lavished with perks and tax breaks.

Every state in the union has a film commission that is actively courting film makers with every inducement imaginable. I think working stiffs would enjoy watching a bureaucrat talking about the rewards lavished on the ruling class.

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