Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ready to Hit the Road

Perhaps the best tact to take on this Medical Savings and Loan Project would be to present it as a one day conference. So, I wrote up a proposal and an agenda.

Last month it dawned on me that the state legislatures are currently the battleground for health care freedom. If the tea party wishes to preserve health care freedom, there must to be tea party rallies at State Capitols this legislative session.

These rallies might appreciate original content.

A MS&L Conference would fit well with a health care tea party rally.

The Health Care Rally says that the top down centralized approach of ObamaCare is the wrong direction for this nation. The conference would provide a viable bottom up free market alternative to government controlled of health care.

The MS&L Conference could take place during the day, with a tea party rally taking place in the evening.

The conference would enhance a rally. The focus of the conference is a discussion of self-funded v. group funded financing of health care and would provide an argument against the mandates of ObamaCare.

The MS&L Conference should be independent of the rally, but they do enhance each other.

Even if people don't like the MS&L, having it stated shows that there are alternatives to Obamacare. Alternatives, after all, are the antedote to mandates.

I have a hard drive full of information supporting the medical savings and loan and the show is ready to go on the road.

I think my best bet would be to drive South. If news reports are correct, there are people in Arizona actively looking for ways to restore freedom.

Driving East to Colorado also looks promising. I have contacts in the state and they have many active freedom centric organizations.

The timing is right for a combination Health Care Freedom Rally and Medical Savings and Loan Conference. The challenge is finding a group of people interested in the concept.

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