Monday, February 21, 2011

An Inclusive Free Market

The free market is the most inclusive socio-economic system yet developed.

The secret to making the free market work is for people to see themselves as owners, and not just workers.

Sadly, the political left and right have been working on a paradigm where there is a professional centralized class of owners ... with everyone else reduced to wage labor.

This model is absurd in a day when machines are systematically reducing the value of wage labor.

The two most important things that people own are their minds and their bodies.

Both socialized medicine and insurance are a direct assault on the notion that people own their bodies. In both systems, your physical body is not your property. Your body is part of a pool.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a structured savings program that is a bit like insurance in that it provides funds for emergency care; however it shifts the paradigm from group funded care to self funded care.

The Medical Savings and Loan has the same amount of money currently spent on insurance. However, the structure re-establishes the idea that people own their own body and are the primary agent charged with the care of they body they own.

The program uses a system of health care advocates to challenge healthy people with the need to save and engage in preventative medicine. The advocates then help people manage resources when they need care.

By teaching people to treat their body as thing that they own helps re-establish the concepts at the heart of the free market system that our founders established.

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