Sunday, October 31, 2010

Partisan Immigration

Like Barack Obama, I actively sought out friendships with students from around the world during my education. I find that foreign students often had unique perspectives and interesting cultural insights.

My decision to hang out with the foreign students provided me with several direct experiences with the dark underside of the American professoriat. It turns out that the far left in our University also seeks out foreign students. It was when I was with groups of foreign students that Marxist professors would let their hair down and discuss Marxist theory in detail.

I would hang out with Latino students to practice my Spanish and meet Marxist professors out practicing their radicalism.

Truthfully, I was distraught. Students were coming to America to learn about a free society, and the Marxist professors were teaching them one of the most oppressive philosophies ever conceived.

During the conversations, the Marxists professors let on that they hoped to develop the illegal immigration community into change agents (brown shirts) for the upcoming fundamental change of America.

I still love the American immigrant community. When I heard the president say on Univision: "If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, 'We're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us'" (ref) my heart sank.

A Marxist professor working to radicalize students is one thing, actually having a president seeking to develop immigration as a source of division is another.

Last night, before I went to bed, I read a left leaning blog post in which a progressive pundit lambasted conservatives as being the block to immigration reform.

I thought the post laughable. Democrats had a super majority. If amnesty was really that important an issue to the party, they would have passed amnesty straight off. Amnesty is as divisive an issue in the Democratic party as it is for the nation.

After laughing off the theme of the message, I went to sleep thinking about the self-righteousness of the author. Like Obama, the author clearly saw the illegal immigrants as friends who would join in the battle against a common enemy: the conservative.

I wondered: "Would this progressive writer be supporting amnesty if he thought the illegal immigrants would vote Republican?"

It is impossible to look inside another's head.

Historically, however, one finds that many of our most restrictive immigration laws were written by the left when it was thought that immigrants were friends of the right.

So, I as my mind prepared to fall into a deep sleep, a fiendish idea flash into my conciousness. If Republicans really wanted to inact immigration reform, the best path would be to infiltrate the illegal immigration community and convince them to become Republicans.

If progressives thought illegal immigrants were likely to become Republicans, they would not only oppose amnesty, progressives would be screaming for massive government programs to drive illegals out of the nation.

The only problem with my plan, of course, is that I would be infuriated with Conservatives if they engaged in the same low level of manipulation as the left.

Immigrants, after all, come to America to be free. Politicians that strive to develop immigrants as a political force against their enemies are the lowest of the low. My heart breaks every when I see this group of people who I like being used as tools in radicalization efforts.

Party affiliation of immigrants should not be a primary concern in immigration law. When a group tries to manipulate immigration for partisan gain, the group harms both the immigration system and the country.

In deciding for or against an immigration law, one must be willing to ask: If the group had a different affiliate, would I still favor this law? If not, then the law should be rethought.

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