Monday, March 01, 2010

Grubbing for Cash

To get anywhere with the Medical Savings and Loan, I need cash. Here are links to a few fav affiliate programs. Commissions on sales will help me complete project:

  • MicheBags offers a fun purse with a changeable shell, allowing you to customize your purse to the occasion.
  • Campus Book Rentals rents textbooks. It is a better deal than buying and reselling books and ebooks.
  • Vanns is a quality electronic store from Missoula.
  • Top Sleeping bags has great deals on quality sleeping bags and tents.
  • The Teaching Company publishes DVDs and CDs from top professors in a variety of fields.
  • Tired of banks? Lending Club is a social lending club that lets you borrow and lend money direct from others in the network.

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