Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Change in Structure

My original idea for the Medical Savings and Loan had one company that held both the savings and lending accounts for customers. When people had medical expenses, the expenses would be made through bank accounts held by the Medical Savings and Loan company.

While I was paying my bills and shuffling money about in my bank account, I decided that customers would be better served if the lending accounts and savings accounts were actually held by different institutions.

To further the metaphor that people are self-funding care, I decided to structure the system so that all medical payments would be made through the customer's bank account.

If a customer needs to borrow money, the money would be approved by the medical lending authority. Deposited into the customer's account, then spent.

The Medical Savings and loan should be devised so that the lending authorities work with any numerous banks.

The advantage of involving multiple institutions is it makes it much more difficult for the bureaucracy to flank and role up the accounts back into a centralized health scheme.

Having decided to pare off the savings account into banks, I realized that I should change my entire strategy on the Medical Savings and Loan project. I am no longer thinking in terms of a business model for one company but development a nexus of small businesses that work together to help people with financial planning.

Hopefully I will the time and resources to pursue this project.

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