Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ending the Agitation Cycle

ObamaCare was a bad bill passed through a poisonous process.

It is nigh impossible to properly develop a positive idea in such a poisonous climate. As there was some hope that Congress would consume itself before passing the bill, I put off writing The Medical Savings and Loan aside and concentrated on the ugly process of agitation against the bill.

Proponents of liberty have a big problem and a small opportunity.

ObamaCare is such a bad bill and people are so upset that it might be possible to repeal the monstrosity.

Repealing the bill will take more than base agitation. Repealing the bill will require developing a better solution to health care than ObamaCare and the corrupt system of employer based solution.

The patient-centric Medical Savings and Loan is just such a reform. The medical savings and loan builds the health system around the individual. The program encourages people to engage in better financial planning. As such, the program has the potential to become a positive economic force.

Anyway, I will do some rewriting on the proposal. Of course, to really get the program rolling, I need a little bit of help from somewhere.

What I am developing would be a very strong tool for any group wishing to restore health care freedom in America. Please contact me if your group is interested in such an effort.

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