Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Party is The People

The Constitution and Bill of Rights were submitted simultaneously to the people in 1787 to change the structure of the government from a dysfunctional confederacy to a union of states.

In a bit of poetic license, the document begins with the words "We the people," and The Bill of rights ends with the words "the people."

This short document brackets the definition of the United States between the words "the people."

In a comment that left me dumbfounded a progressive writing under the nom-de-plume Anonymous Coward wrote the following:

The 10th Amendment reads "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

That last bit about "reserved to the states...OR to the people" (emphasis mine)means the people can exercise their power through their representatives and grant the government power to act on their behalf on issues provided it is not explicitly prohibited from acting by another section of the Constitution. What other section prohibits regulation of health care?

In twist that would make the Dark Lord Chomsky proud, Mr. Coward claims that, if you defined "the people" as "the government" then the 10th Amendment annuls itself. For that matter, one could say that the 10th Amendment annuls the entire Constitution as the Legislative Body could claim unto itself that it is the will of the people and is therefore omnipotent.

But, why should we limited this to the legislative branch. In keeping with the tradition of Caesar, one could say that the president is the manifestation of the spirit of the people. As the mind of this transcendent president is the people; therefore totalitarian powers lay within the hands of the one.

These were the ideas of Hegel (Hegel--as you know--laid the foundation of Maxism, Stalinism, Nazism, Fascism, Moaism and the American public education system).

Of course, the Marxist ideology transformed progressivism and brought forth the idea that the president is merely a figurehead and that. Since we are all Marxists now, I guess one would probably say that the party is people. The transcendent president and legislator are manifestations of the god like party.

Golly, when we progressively give ourselves the totalitarian power to change the definition of words, then we can do all sorts of things.

Anyway, showing a complete lack of understanding in the way that logical systems work, Anonymous challenged me to list all of the times that Federal Control of Health Care is prohibited by the Constitution.

I mean, for someone to really means something they have to say it at least three times. Preferably, one needs to say it 10 times.

Things said just once don't matter.

For example, the 10 Commandments only say "Thou shall not kill" once. So, they clearly don't mean it. In the Laws of Thermodynamics, Newton only lists entropy once; So, clearly Newton didn't think entropy was all that important.

If entropy was important, Newton would have given us like 30 laws of thermo-dynamics and entropy would be listed like a dozen times.

It is not as if the point of an axiomatic system is to figure out a set of logically independent axioms, and to state the axiom only once.

I realize that progressives are as dumb as stumps, and are incapable of reason, but I will recount the form of the Constitution for show:

Anyway, the Constitution is a very short document that opens with the line: "We the people [...] do ordain and establish this Constitution"

Using flowery language like: "All legislative Powers herein granted ..." the Constitution enumerates the powers granted to the three branches of government.

The Constitution ends with the punctuation mark in the tenth amendment that all powers not granted by the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people. The Constitution was then sent "to the people" for ratification.

The very form of the document indicates that the Constitution was creating a limited government.

Of course, in a world where progressive educators intentionally ripped the study of logic from the curriculum it is impossible to say anything as progressive reserve the right to redefine all terms as political expediency requires.

PS: The Ten Commandments only prohibited coveting thy neighbor's wife once; So, I take that to mean that thy neighbor's wife if fair game. The part of holding other God's before God didn't include golden calves.

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