Saturday, December 12, 2009

Health Care Rally

On December 15th, Americans for Prosperity is holding a rally against the health care power grab. I would attend this rally, except for the fact that is just too far away. I could not afford the drive to DC, nor the hotel stays for the multiple day trip.

One of the primary reasons that I oppose the health care power grab is that I believe health care should be administered by the states, where there is a better chance that individuals (like me) could affect any legislation.

Somehow, the left has convinced millions of people that we don't have health care unless health care is delivered by the Federal Government.

Real live medical care is delivered at the individual level. To have quality health care, the decision making process regarding health care must be made near the individual.

This game of giving total control of health care to the Federal government is the most undemocratic action that I have seen in my life time. The Democrats know that they have to pass their bill now, because, if health care was the primary issue in the election, people would vote out those members of Congress advocating the power grab.

Americans giving control of their health to a distant body that they are unable to affect numbers among the most absurd things that has happened in our Republic.

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