Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spreading the Wealth Around

Republicans are missing the boat on the Joe the Plumber conversation.

The problem isn't that Obama wishes to spread the wealth around. The problem is that centralization of the economy fails to do what its proponents claim. Yes, there is a brief spit of economic activity during the planned wealth redistribution. When the redistribution is over, the people on the outside of the new world order find themselves burdened by the yoke of an new power regime.

The best way to spread wealth around is the expansion of freedom and not the centralization of government.

What we have in the United States is a government that alternates between crony capitalism and socialism. With each tightening of the screw, the lot of the common man gets worse.

The equitable distribution of prospeerity will not come with the switching from one centralized party to the next. It can only come when the people realize that the answer does not lay with a central government or central market far removed from our primary concern, our local communities and families.

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