Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dogs and Bikes Don't Mix

I needed to shuffle some bikes around today. I also needed to take Coco on a walk.

The smart course of action would have been to place the bike atop a car and the dog in the back seat. Alas, I fear that most bikes in Utah travel more atop cars than on the road.

Rather than following the wise course of action, I did the foolish act of trying to take the dog for a bike ride.

I had a few hundred yards of bike riding with Coco trotting at my side. For most of the ride, however, Coco would try biting at the tires or jumping up on the seat. Realizing that spokes and tails are a bad mix, I ended up walking the bike for most of the trip.

Fortunately, most of the bike swapping involved just plain walking. Coco excels at just plain walking.

I am sad. I didn't ride my bike at all this summer. I did not even inflate the tires. My recreation time is spent walking a hyperactive dog.

BTW, people in Galveston suffered a hurricane of late. I realize they are less equal than the good folks of New Orleans, but Texans are in need. There is a bipartisan thing called the Bush Clinton Coastal Fund raising money to help with the relief. I am sure other organizations specializing in disaster relief are also engaged in helping with the recovery.

I wonder if the flooding of New Orleans would have had as deep an effect on our nation's psyche if it did not lend itself so well to partisan attack. A bipartisan effort for disaster relief receives a yawn.

People imagine that socialism will be a wonderful world where government helps all who are in need equally, while in actuality government aid is made in relation to expediency and not need.

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