Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street Greed

People should be up in arms at Wall Street greed.

The problem is that the current market is not being driven by long greed.

The downturn in the market is currently driven by short greed.

Yes, the dotcom bubble had irrationally exuberant traders pumping wild amounts of capital into pipe dreams.

The current problem is with the same irrational dream but run by people shorting the economy with hopes of reaping the whirlwind as companies collapse in the downturn.

Yes, I hate the bill put forward by Congress; However, I support having the Congress buy up large swaths of mortgages on the market because, quite frankly, we have more to fear from the people who are manipulating the economy downward than from the people who were buying up mortgage portfolios thinking that they were a safe investment.

The wanks selling the subprime loans were wanks who really truly legitimately thought they were helping people by putting them in houses that the newbie homeowner could not afford. Yes, they are greedy, but it is a stupid greed.

The people shorting the living crap out of the market are slugs of the worst lot.

Wall Street greed is such that the the ne're-do-wells win on both the upside and downside ... they actually do best on the downside.

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