Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Submitting The Entry

I started writing up my proposal for the Open Source Real Time eXchange on the site y-intercept.com. I have to take Coco for a walk. I will spend the night adding articles to the proposal.

The important news is that I just submitted my entry for the proposol on the DeepCapture Crack the Cover-Up essay contest. My entry is under the name "yintercept" it starts with the words: "Competition drives the free market."

If you like the idea; Vote for It!

BTW, you might notice that I've written several essays with links to Deep Capture. I wrote the posts and made the links because I believe DeepCapture is saying something important.

I did not know about the essay contest until yesterday. I wrote this post and my last post (Open Source Real Time eXchange) because I want to win the competition.

If you like the idea of a new open source stock exchange. Go to this page, find my entry and vote for me!

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