Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Fun Little Alternative Lifestyle

Working on the premise that anything one feels like doing is equivalent to a man and women making a commitment to raise a family ... Some young girls have just embarked on a super fun alternative lifestyle.

A group of teenage girls (all under 16) from Gloucester High School in Massachusetts entered a super fun pregnancy pact. 17 are having babies and it will all be super fun. The babies will all be so cute!

What's that you ask?

Well, I am sure they will be able to figure out all that stuff when the time comes. After all, These girls had one of them publick skool edjudcations; so I am sure they can handle anything that comes along.

The important thing is that the girls have a pact, and will stick together.

It is going to be so super fun.

As for moral equivalency ... Well, I am willing to concede that a note passed in gym class is the equivalent to the ceremonies performed by Gavin Newsom on the steps of the SF courthouse.


Scott Hinrichs said...

Incredibly bizarre. You might want to include the link to the Time story. Your moral equivalency point is well taken.

y-intercept said...

What really got me about this story was how big, beautiful and modern the Gloucester High School is. The girls were probably thinking that if they got pregnant in their Freshman year, they would get to raise their child in this wonderful tax funded environment.

They will be completely neglecting the kids when they turn 19.