Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Renaissance Rediscovery of Visual Perspective

Someone is stealing the rest of my day and all of my tomorrow. I have one last graphics to create, but I decided to push out the first chapter of Rich Theory.

The chapter is called "The Renaissance Rediscovery of Visual Perspective."

Quite frankly, I believe that the rediscovery of visual perspective is the defining event of classical Western culture. It is this moment where western thoughts on mathematics, art, science, spirituality and logic all collided.

I want this first chapter to be very short and compelling (which is why it has the bold clain the Visual Perspective is the cause of the Renaissance.) The next chapters will look at ancient Greece, Rome and the Bizantine empire.

I will then come back and give a more balanced view of Brunelleshi's role in history.

Anyway, I must run off.

PS, I guess I should mention that one of the reasons that I flunked out of the University of Utah is that I was studying Visual perspective. The left-leaning professors of the math department were not pleased to have a student investigating verboten literature from the classical era.

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