Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Modern View of Perspective

In the last post, I brought up the classical liberal view of perspective. This view has individual people running around with different view of the same reality (dare I mention that reality is truth).

The modern view (i.e., the tradition of Hegel and Marx) claims there to be an elite group of scientists who have a higher perspective. Hegel and Marx claimed to be using science to see the underlying conflicts that drive a society.

Modern thinkers ask: Should we trust our fate to petty little individuals who see things from their limited individual perspective, or should we follow an elite class of scientists who see the world from a higher perspective?

Golly, I think I will blindly follow the glorious leader with a higher perspective.

Unfortunately, The modern era has been a circus of intellectuals trying to frame "higher perspectives" that fit their partisan dispositions.

A primary thesis of Rich Theory is that these "higher perspectives" are really just smoke and mirror created by appeals to paradox, labeling and other underhanded tricks.

The overall result of this belief in elite intellectuals with higher perspectives has been a fractured, mean and violent society in which it is increasingly difficult to communicate with others.

The word "perspective" has become nothing but a buzz word as intellectuals slap it on every conceivable idea.

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