Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Salt Lake Blogs

The Salt Lake Blog directory had 125 entries. It was too big.

So, I split the page into four baby pages:

  • Business Blogs includes blogs by Utah business, or about business, technology, marketing.
  • Personal Blogs include personal online journals, or musings on religion and culture.
  • Political Blogs shows blogs that are following local or national political events.
  • Finally, my favorite is the Photo Blog section where photographers (and other artists) show their works with photo essays and links to art sites.

I really don't like this game of classifying sites. Multidimensional people have posts on all sorts of topics.

However, I think the change will drive more traffic to the blogs as this change allows me to more fully integrate the blogs into the rest of the directories. For example, I am able to put a link from the Photography Page to the photography blogs.

NOTE, I just changed the name of personal blogs to 'blogs - cultural.'

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