Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crass Commercial

I decide to port all of my unfinished projects to the domain (that domain has a dash. This one does not. I bought both domains because I realized many people would fail to type in the dash if I just told them the name.)

Hopefully, I can shame myself into finishing the projects.

The first thing I will port to the new site is the collection of essays that I, tongue in cheek called Crass Commercial. I penned these articles in a three day writing blitz. I did not finish them as I realized that I needed to rework the writings I did on transfinite theory to make a point about paradox.

There were several important points I wanted to make with the money. The article I just put up was a little piece called "The Source of Money. Perhaps I will get time tomorrow for a quick edit.

You could read the piece, or I will summarize below.


The source of money isn't gold, the power of the state, or banks. The source of money is people. Money simply reflects the values that people put into money.

The profound tidbit to take from the article is that the best way for a society to prosper is to develop the people. By education, I am not simply referring to technical education. Contrary to modern education, I hold with the classical liberal ideals where the goal isn't simply to turn people into productive cogs in a machine. The goal of education should be to develop the student as a being. Education should both hone a student's skills, and it should help develop their values, for it is the values that students hold that most enrich a society.

Anyway, I will try to get some editing in on the project tomorrow. I've cracked opened some articles on OpenID. If I can figure out how to implement OpenId, I will open a comment section on the y-intercept site. (Open comment sections get inundated with spam.)


Scott Hinrichs said...

In fact, free people are the ultimate resource. Leave people free and they will develop the most ingenious uses for other resources and will solve real problems. Without the people that are free to exercise their own ingenuity, none of the other resources matter anyway. They simply sit idle.

Anonymous said...

Don't finish the political commentary.

Finish "The Ghost of Alma Matterson".

Anonymous said...

Did you already read this carefully?

Could you please confirm and comment on this, please?

"Harvard University: Ségolène Royal supports independence for Puerto Rico"

"On February 7, 2008, Ségolène Royal visited Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. There she gave a conference on "Reforming the Left in France to Reform the French Economy". After finishing her allocution, the forum was open to public questions. The first question asked Ségolène Royal to respond whether she supports independence for Puerto Rico as does the Socialist International, to which her political party is affiliated."