Thursday, January 03, 2008


It went as I expected.

Two underdogs took Iowa.

People are so upset with the shrill non-dialog that dominates Washington; I figured that both parties would lap up whichever candidate best positioned himself as an idealistic dark horse candidate.

For Romney fans: I think he would have done better if he spent his millions on a different state. Romney would do better if he kept to the image of the person who rushed in at the eleventh hour to save the olympics.

Obama and Hucklebee took two very interesting approaches. Hucklebee is using religion as the thing that makes him stand out as the strong moral character who will fix Washington. Obama is using idealism to make himself stand out.

I admit, I am an idealist to the core. Unfortunately, my ideals run in the direction that says freedom, not big government, is the way for people to achieve their ideals.

I am jealous that Obama got away with being idealistic. I am always heaped with scorn when I try to explain to people why freedom would solve most of the problems that are being caused by big government, big business, big unions, big education and big media.

If Ron Paul wasn't quite so dogmatic, he might have been able to ignite a revival of the ideals of classical liberalism in the Republican Party.

BTW, Obama made a slip in his caucus victory speech. He said that he wished to make health care affordable. The way you make health care affordable is to get big government, big business, big lawyers and big education out of the picture. As mentioned earlier, health care is primarily a human to human service. It is the regulation and idiocy created by lawsuits that create this situation where a simple doctor's appointment is financially out of reach for most of America.

My dog gets far better treatment for a tenth the cost of what I've received from the bureaucare that masquerades as medicine in America.

Anyway, having government pay for health care doesn't make health care affordable. What it does is create an illusion. Having government pay for medical simply makes the big government the grand arbiter of health care. People who are disenfranchised will continue to receive substandard care.

Imagine who cool it would be if Obama saw value in freedom? If he was a champion for liberty and not a champion for subjugation, he would be a killer candidate.

Obama is correct about one thing. If a Democrat were elected the unceasing shrill attacks on the United States from the media would abate for a bit.

Unfortunately, the Republicans have to plan for a different reality. If they win, the shrill attacks from the media will continue unabated. Electing a Baptist preacher is the absolute worst decision the Republicans could make. Guiliani, Romney or McCain have more experience at living in a world where the press is controlled by a leftist media.

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Tyler Farrer said...

Well, Huckabee isn't going to win the nomination. Write that down. The word in Iowa was 'Evangelical', and the word in New Hampshire is 'Independent'. The two are like oil and water. Obama will take most of the independent voters from McCain, giving Romney a chance in NH, and Thompson's strong third place finish keeps him relevant through South Carolina knocking Huckabee down a peg in the only other state that holds promise for him. According to Ed Rollins, Huckabee's Rove, the Huck must go negative--as if he hasn't already--in SC and that's going to hurt him in other states.

Bottom line is that the big winner from Huck's Iowa win is Giulianni and the most winning loser is Romney.