Friday, January 18, 2008

Leviathan on the Right

buy at Overstock.comBush's caving into to the stimulus demand crowd confirms something that I've suspected ever since Bush started a war without a Declaration of War, since he issued a tax cut with out corresponding cuts in spending, and since he centralized curriculum design with NCLB.

Deep down in side ... Bush is a Democrat.

There is a philosophy of life where you do the opposite of what you say. The philosophy makes people look extremely profound. The Leviathan on the Right shows how the Republican Party has morphed into the Democratic Party of the 1960s.

Anyway, I will re-iterate: The problem with the current economy is not a lack of spending. Our biggest problem is that we over consume and under invest. You can't solve the problem of borrowing and spending by borrowing and spending more.

If we simply have to have a spending program, then we should gear that spending program directly to decreasing our oil addiction. Spending on conservation might make a dent in fuel consumption and get people toward thinking sustainably. Other than that, we are better off suffering our recession as a recession would have the same effect of realigning our spending in a saner manner.

A bad idea is a bad idea, regardless of which party thunk it.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

I thought Bush was a Democrat in GOP clothing before the 2000 primaries. Little has occurred since then to make me think otherwise. Another major problem is the morphing of the GOP Congress elected in '94 into the GOP Congress that brought us NCLB and expanded Medicare, where Tom Delay said that there was simply no more fat to trim from the federal budget.

Since the present day GOP is the 1960 Democratic Party, what does that make today's Democrats?