Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy $100 a Barrel Day

Happy Hundred Dollar a Barrel Oil Day!!

The worldwide economy is rocking ... but it isn't rocking wisely.

I really hope people use this day to turn down the heat, and figure out how to save energy.

I've kind of scratched the bottom on my energy usage. I turn off the lights and use a crank flashlight. I stuffed my thermorest and sleeping pad against the windows. I toss in a few tennis balls with the laundry to reduce drying time.

The only thing I think of is to turn off the computer.

How could I live without the soft glow of the terminal to light the night.

BTW, crosscountry skiing is a much more interesting way to enjoy the winter than a snowmobile. The only thing I really don't like about crosscountry skiing is the occasional run in with really rude snowmobilers, and being forced to breathe the noxious fumes the noisy machines emit.

I've cut my personal enegy usage as far as I can go. So, I am left to pontificating to others. If you are planning a winter recreation event; try crosscountry skis.

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