Friday, November 24, 2006

International Justice

This sounds like a bonehead decision. A French Court decided that it wanted to try Rwanda's President Paul Kagame for the 1994 assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana. This assassination was used by Hutu radicals to spark the genocide which killed 800,000 Rwandans (Yahoo News).

It would have been great a dozen years ago if international forces were willing to try Kagame for the assassination. If the international community, during Clinton's administration, was willing to do more than take bribes for Saddam Hussein, we might have been able to stop both the genocides in Rwanda and the genocides in Iraq.

The assassination of Habyarimana was a horrible thing. However, the world owes Kagame a debt for not reciprocating the Hutu genocide of Tutsis with a Tutsi genocide of Hutu. Rwanda is a country where everyone one (including the international community) has blood on its hands. As much as Kagame's acts demand justice, we really are left in a spot where administering the justice will destabilize the region.

This is the same bad thinking that led Bush to invade Iraq. There were plenty of reasons to invade Iraq in the Clinton administration. Bush's effort to administer justice to Saddam Hussein for the genocide that occurred during Clinton's watch has so far only led to instability.

In international affairs the timing of efforts to enforce justice is far more important than the administration of justice. Had the ICC been place to try Kagame before the genocide, we may have prevented the genocide. The post genocidal world is one where everyone's hands are bloody and courts seeking justice tend to hinder efforts at rebuilding. Kagame did not reciprocate the genocide. Yes, the EU may be embarrassed that they cut and run in Rwanda and hundreds of thousands of people died as a result. The problem is that there is never any clear way for humans to administer justice decades after an event. Efforts to do so generally leads to Balkanization where each faction remembers centuries of wrongs committed against them, but fails to see the atrocities committed on their behalf.



Editor World Press Club, Sunday, November 26, 2006, 6:00 AM, Washington DC. (1) PAUL KAGAME IS BLACK SWORD OF CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS RIGHT CONSERVATIVE CONSPIRACY: Paul Kagame is the Black African Negro face of the White Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy in pagan Africa. The pagans outnumbered Christians and Muslims in Rwanda and Burundi. Paul Kagame committed the genocide of black African pagans to impose Christianity over Rwanda and Burundi goaded by Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. Rwandan Paul Kagame, Ugandan Idi Amin and Cambodian Pol Pot had been the local officials of Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy in Rwanda, Uganda and Cambodia respectively, to unleash genocide of pagans and to impose Christianity by sword in Rwanda, Uganda and Cambodia respectively. The genocide of pagan Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda and Burundi by Christian Paul Kagame, the genocide of pagan Ugandans during Idi Amin, the genocide of Buddhists in Cambodia under Christian Pol Pot was conspired by Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy hatched under direct supervision of Papacy. A French judge has issued arrest warrants for nine close aides of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, in relation to the shooting down of the plane carrying Rwanda's former president Jouvenal Habyarimana in 1994. French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere has accused Kagame of ordering the shooting down of the plane, which contributed to triggering the 1994 ethnic massacres and genocide. The decision of Paul Kagame to shoot Pres. Habyarimana's aircraft was the catalyst of an unprecedented drama in Rwandan history, and Major-General Paul Kagame took that decision with all awareness. France should also investigate whether Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy was involved in the genocide in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Cambodia. Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere should investigate the role of Catholic as well as Evangelical White Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, in the Rwanda and Burundi genocide of pagans, if French judicial system wants to become credible in the eyes of the world.
(2) RELIGIOUS RIGHT CONSERVATISM IS EVIL INQUISITION: The Religious Right Conservatism Conspiracy represents Devil in American Presidential Nomination Process and seek to kill presidential nomination seekers while they are baby at Republican presidential nomination process. Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy has hijacked the upper echelon of Democratic Party’s corridors of power, namely, President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, President Jimmy Carter, Madeleine Albright, and etc. The Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, Republican as swell as Democratic, Evangelical as well as Catholic, presents greatest threat to secular United States and present greater threat to United States than any other conceivable threat. The White Anglo Saxon Protestants and Blacks must join forces to destroy and root out the political influence of Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy that conspiring to destroy the secular political leadership by spoiling their presidential nomination chances in early primaries, as they are the spies and agents of the enemies of the Republicans and wants the Democrats to win the presidential election 2008. The Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy wants to partition secular United States on grounds of religion, namely Protestant and Catholic sects, just as it did during the secession of Catholic Ireland from Great Britain in 1919 and during the secession of Catholic Slovenia and Croatia from secular Yugoslavia. Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, Catholic as well as Evangelical, is loyal to foreign Potentate and not to Protestant WASP-led United States. The WASPs must arise and defend and protect the wall that separates the State and Church in the United States, if they want that the Papacy-conspired looming New Dark Age may not descend on the good great United States in the 21st Century. Remember you have the choice, either to destroy USA or strengthen it for war against Terrorism. Choice is yours and world is watching what Republican primaries throw up for Republicans. Devil is operating through Religious Right Conservatism to destroy secular United States. Secular Non-Denominational Christians rise and protect secularism in America.
(3) USA-INDIA NUKE HELPS USA: It would be stupid to impose Compulsory military draft in USA to provide additional soldiers for American Wars of future required to maintain American hegemony in the world. The better way would be to sign USA-India Defense Pact and USA-India joint petro-colonialism, financed by Most Favored Trading Nation status to China. If USA give India Most Favored Trading Nations status and boosts USA-India bilateral trade to $100 billion by 2012 and to $200 billion by 2015 then Indians would willingly provide unlimited troops for present and future American wars, just as Indian Empire before 1947 provided to Pax-Britannia. Sign into law USA-India Defense Pact and Most Favored Trading Nations status to India. Allow 1,000,000 Indians immigration in exchange for military service. India could be the Fighting Army for Pentagon just as China is the factory for America. Dump Draft bring India into Colonial game. Pay India to save American blood from spilling in looming Third World War. The USA-India Nuclear Cooperation Deal that President George Bush signed promotes the national and economic interests of USA as much as it promotes India’s national interests. India-China trade expected to cross $40 billion by 2010. United States must give India the Most Favored Trading Nations status to push USA-India trade to $100 billion a year by 2012 and $200 billion a year by 2015. Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy harmed the national interests of the USA by supporting the Most Favored Trading Nation status to China, after China humiliated the USA in Vietnam to secure Communist support for the genocide of Buddhists in Catholic Pol Pot regime in Cambodia and to wage war on Buddhism in Indo-China. United States should allow immigration of 1 million Indians to give further impetus to India-USA trade and to redress the imbalance by the alien Catholic influx into USA that might affect the results of future US elections.
(4) JOINT USA-INDIA PETRO COLONIALISM: The recent demand of Congressman Charles Rangel to reintroduce Military Draft or National Military Service to augment US troops in present and future wars could be averted if White House promoted the concept of Joint USA-India Petro-colonialism that would allow India to reap profits of the colonial occupation of oil producing Iran. United States could avoid spilling the white American blood in Iran War by brining in India as the equal player in the Petro-Colonial Wars of future that would pay India for its military contribution in kind, in oil and gas of the colonies. India and USA should learn to walk the talk of petro-colonialism in frank manner so that white American lives could be saved in Iran war and future petro-colonial wars. India is willing to barter blood of Indian soldiers to get free or subsidized oil of petro-colonies to help United States establish Petro-Colonies in the Middle East just as India had earlier helped Pax-Americana and establish petro-colonies in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Musqat and Oman and Yemen before 1947. Communist China is determined to conquer the Middle East to bring the OPEC oil producers under New Mongol Empire. Failure of USA-India Alliance to establish petro-colonies in Iran and Iraq would tempt China to preempt Yankee imperialism to claim these regions for China led New Mongol Empire and Shanghai Cooperation Council. Moral of the story is simple: If Americans want to avoid spilling white blood in present and future wars, sign USA-India Defense pact, give India the Most Favored Trading Nation status, sign Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India and catapult the bilateral annual USA-India trade to $100 billion by 2012 and $200 billion by 2015 and allow 1 million immigration to qualified Indians.
(5) RELIGIOUS RIGHT CONSERVATIVE CONSPIRACY IS TERRORISM: The Republicans should abandon reliance on Evangelical Religious Right Conservatism and Democrats should also abandon relying upon Catholic Religious Right Conservatism. The Religious Right Conservatism threatens the secular character of USA, undermines the WASP leadership, undermines the secular 1777 Constitution and might result in the secession of Catholic USA from secular USA, if Religious Right Conservatism under influence of foreign Potentate succeeded in dominating the political agenda of Republicans as well as Democrats. Presidential Election 2008 is a secular political election of an Empire not a vote to elect a New Pope. The Republicans would be digging a political grave if the Presidential nominees tried to prostitute themselves trying to woo and court the Protestant Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy in 2008 as it would antagonize 200 million Non-Denominational Christians in the United States. If one take into consideration the level of political and social political development of United States and Saudi Arabia or Iran, as defined in political science discipline of “Modern Political Theory,” one can convincingly argue that Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy and Protestant Evangelical Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy is “Political Terrorism,” “Social Terrorism,” and “Religious Terrorism.” When measured in terms of Intolerance, Patriarchy, Iconoclastic and Medievalism the Church leaders of Papacy and Evangelical Church are no better than their Muslim counterparts in Saudi Arabia and Iran and their political counterparts in Communist China. The Papacy and the secret Services of United States and Britain created the iconoclast intolerant extremist Saudi Wahhabi fundamentalism as well as Iranian Ayatollah fundamentalism to create Sunni and Shiite Theocracy to control and loot the oil of the Middle East. Catholic Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy normally would vote for Democrats in 2008, because of the pro-terrorism policies of Pope John Paul II. The laity of Protestant Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy and Evangelicals would vote out the entire team that was appointed as priests and clergy by the disgraced sexually depraved Evangelical leader of recent gay fame. The pro-Democrats Catholic Religious Right votes cancels out the pro-Republican Evangelical Christian Religious Right votes in presidential national elections. It eliminates the political and election influence of Christian Religious Right in national elections. Catholic or Protestant Christian Religious enjoys influence only at the primaries level only, not at all at the national election level. Even if the leading Republican presidential nomination seekers forced to prostitute their campaign to win the 2008 Republican nomination they should openly declare that they do not belong to the Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy to woo cajole and secure the votes of the American Non-Denominational Christians that are overwhelmingly secular and they all hate Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy, whether Catholic or Protestant, whether Republican or Democratic. Kalki Gaur’s advice to Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator McCain is to simply Dump Religious Right Conservatism and remain true to your secular roots and this is what Jesus would do, if you read Gospel of Judas and other truer writings of Jesus Christ.
Who to choose for Republican presidential nomination is for the Republican primaries to decide. Republican as well as Democrats should also directly elect the Vice Presidential ticket in the primaries. It is a bad policy to let President pick up the Vice President in the ticket. If Rudy Giuliani secures the Republican presidential nomination and invites Secretary Condi Rice as Vice Presidential candidate on the ticket, would win the presidential election in 2008. Giuliani-Rice ticket will win the presidential election 2008, as he would be able to win New York and California. Giuliani-Rice ticket must not prostitute to woo and court the Evangelical religious right conservative conspiracy as victory in New York and California would more than make up for the loss of couple of ultra-conservative Red States in the Agricultural belt under firm sway of Papacy and Evangelicals. The key to Republican victory lies in New York and California, and both are presently under Republican Governors. The deadlock in 2000 and 2004 elections exposed the even balance of presidential electoral votes between Republican Red States and Democratic Blue States. Netiher Rudy Giuliani nor Condi Rice belong to Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy and they need not become one to win the presidential election 2008. Rudy Giuliani would lose the election 2008, if he failed to invite Condi Rice to his ticket. Remember the United States of 300+ million is no longer White and the rising vote bank of Blacks and Latinos requires that either a Protestant Black or a Latino is on the Republican ticket. Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy would vote for Democratic ticket in 2008, as Papacy is firmly opposed to Republican war on Islamic terrorism. Kalki Gaur fully supports the Rudy Giuliani- Condi Rice for the Republican presidential ticket 2008. Blacks, Latinos, Immigrants and Asians would fully support the Giuliani-Rice Republican ticket 2008.
(7) AMERICA REJECTS RELIGIOUS SOCIAL CONSERVATISM: Non Denominational Christians numbering 200 million strong are not Conservatives, and they all hate reject dump social religious political Conservatism and they also Vote in Elections, though they may not shout ugly slogans and they do not sell their votes through Pope or Clergy or Priest. It would be simply stupid for Republican Rudy Giuliani or Republican John MacCain or Democratic Hillary Clinton to court or woo Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy for presidential nominations in 2008. American voters rejected Catholic-Protestant Religious Conservative Conspiracy in 2006 and would again in 2008. It is Political and Electoral End of Time for Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy in America. No nominee of Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy would ever get elected President of the United States in the 21st Century. America is moving forward not going backward to Medieval Dark Age. United States is not a barbarian state like Saudi Arabia or Iran, which American religious conservatism wants America to be. Neither President George Bush nor his father President Bush ever belonged to Christian Religious Right Conservatism Conspiracy. Republican Rudy Giuliani also does not belong to religious right conservative conspiracy, and he shouldn’t prostitute himself to court the graces of religious right conservative conspiracy, if he ever wants to win New York and California for his presidential race in 2008. Non-Denominational Christians numbering more than 200 million in the United States voted in 2006 to eliminate the political influence of Christian Religious Right conservatism in American Elections. Rudy Giuliani as well as Hillary Clinton should openly reject Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. President Bill Clinton, President Carter and President Ford belonged to Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. The End of Time started in 2006 for American Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy that Pope John Paul II launched in America. Secular Politics conquered defeated the religious conservatism in 2006 Elections. The Axis of Medieval will soon be dead in the United States. The Republican as well as Democratic Presidential nominees would both reject the Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy in Elections 2008. The secular modern America is no the rise. The backward medieval theocratic America is on decline and fast facing demise. American people believe that secular politics is more moral than conservative religion. Da Vinci Code and Gospel of Judas is a testimony that Religious, social and political conservatism is outnumbered, outvoted and outmen and out-women in the United States. It is right to say that will of Americans has spoken with one voice and it is that Religious Right Conservatism has no future in American politics in 21st Century. Agents of Foreign Potentate can no longer misguide America to the Medieval Dark Age. America is destined to lead the Age of Aquarius and American voters and public has declared that the medieval conservatism of Age of Pisces no longer relevant in the 21st Century, especially in Election 2008. Dear Rudy Giuliani Dump Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy and court secular Non-Denominational Christians that number 200 million strong in the United States. The Religious, social and political conservatism is heading towards total decline and eventual demise in early 21st Century.
(8) AMERICA REJECTS TERRORIST AGENDA OF POPE JOHN PAUL II: America lacks permanent political cadre that allowed Papacy and Evangelicals to control the election process. However, 200 million strong Non-Denominational Christians outnumber Catholics and Evangelicals combined, 3 to 1. Giuliani and Rice should focus on White Non-Denominational Christians, Blacks, Latinos, Women and Asians. America rejected the intolerant fundamentalist iconoclast political agenda implanted into American politics by Pope John Paul II. America rejected religious right conservative conspiracy. America chose politics to be more moral than religion. America chose politicians to be more moral than priests and clergy. American Voters gave a clear warning to Papacy and Evangelicals not to mess up American politics and will of American voters. American Voters declared that America would no longer be the Axis of Medieval. America voters warned German Pope Benedict XVI not to follow the bad political agenda of Pope John Paul II.
(9) GOOD POLITICS Vs BAD RELIGION: American Voters in Election 2006 voted for Good Politics and rejected extremism fundamentalism intolerance of Bad Religion. American Voters rejected Religious Issues namely Pro-life, religious right conservatism, Papacy, Evangelicals. American Voters voted for political issues, namely rights of Iraq War, middle classes. American Voters declared politics of Catholic or Protestant religious right conservatism, is bad politics. American Voters voted that American politicians are morally better than religious clergy or priests riddled with allegations of pedophile priests and immoral clergy. It is a vote for American politics as good and rejection of American Church as bad. American voters like their fellow white European siblings have voted against the role of Christian Church, priests and clergy in American politics. American voters have rejected the agenda of Bolshevik Polish Pope John Paul II that sought to impose medievalism in American politics. America is finally free from the stranglehold of intolerant extremist fundamentalist Pope John Paul II, Christian Religious Conservative Conspiracy. American voters have spoken that Church, Religion, Clergy and Priests must not misuse the freedom of democracy to destroy the constitutional wall separating the State and Church in the United States. American voters have spoken that politics is for politicians not for clergy and church. America voted for 21st Century and rejected the conspiracy to take it back to Medieval Dark Ages. KALKI GAUR
(10) VICTORY OF REPUBLICANS IS VICTORY OF INTERNET: Major electronic Media is openly pro-Democrats. However, Internet Blogging is pro-Republicans. The impact of automated telemarketing has been documented. The Election 2006 shall establish the dominance of Political Blogs and Robot Telemarketers in influencing the outcome of the national elections. American Election Process is faulty and fraudulently manipulated by 4500+ County Canvassing Boards that are controlled by party officials. American must set up a US Federal Election Commission and disband 4500+ County Canvassing Board, and adopt Single National Election Laws and direct supervision by Federal Election Commission to join the ranks of Democratic nations, such as India, Canada and Australia. Archaic, Fraud prone US Election process is unfit for representing great people of United States. Democratic Party has bought the loyalties of County Canvassing Board officials to switch the elections in favor of Democrats. Election lawyers should keep their eyes open. The United States should outsource the conduct of Elections in USA to Indian Election Commission, to guarantee that County Canvassing Boards do not fraudulently manipulate elections in USA. Corrupt County Canvassing Boards trying to steal Republican Victory by Election Frauds.
(11) ALL POLITICS IS NATIONAL IN 2008: Non Denominational Christians number 200 million and they are fed up by Fundamentalists, Extremists and Priests conspiring to be Kings. Non-Denominational Christians vote for Republican Imperialism because it helped Economy. Only stupid would believe that All Politics is Local. Choose between Republican Petro-Imperialism Vs Democrats Inquisition. The Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy is politically and in elections ineffective if all American Politics becomes national in election 2008.
(12) BLACKS & LATINO VOTE FOR PRO-BLACK REPUBLICAN PARTY: Black Americans should vote for Republican Party, the anti-slavery Party of Condi Rice and Lincoln. Democratic Party under Bill Clinton became an Anti-Black Anti-Latinos, Anti-Asians political party. From Civil War up to 1964 Democrats were anti-Blacks, anti-Latinos and anti-immigrants. Party of Lincoln, the Republican Party had been pro-Blacks from the Civil war up to 1964. President Carter (1977-1981) and President Clinton (1992-2000) engineered to kick out Blacks and Latinos our of leadership position in the Democratic corridors of power and replaced them by fundamentalist religious leaders and Wall Street donors. In American Elections 2006, the Republican Party is the preferred party of choice for Blacks and Latinos. The Democrat’s Ideology of Medievalism seeks to break the Constitutional Wall that separates the State and the Church in the United States. The Republican Modernism seeks to empower American Blacks vis-à-vis East European immigrants and secures Energy Security of Industrial America by controlling Oil and Gas reserves of the Middle East. If you want to vote for the Party of Church, then vote Democrats. If you want to vote for Pax Americana then vote for Republicans. The choice that you would make shall determine the 21st Century. All politics no longer local politics, in Congress and Senate Elections. All politics is clearly National Politics. Vote for Big Picture.
(13) VOTE REPUBLICANS FOR AMERICAN EMPIRE – DUMP DEMOCRATS: Vote Republicans in 2008 to elect Condi Rice as Vice President in 2008. Vote for Republicans to Denuke Islamic WMDs. Vote Republicans to take America to 21st Century Aquarius Age. Reject Democrats as they leading America to Medieval Dark Age. Vote for Politics and Reject Intolerant Religions Led by Evil Clergy seeking to break the Constitutional Wall separating the State and Church. Vote for Republican Petro-Empire. Reject Democrats Theocracy Axis of Medieval. Good Luck America. Good Non Denominational Christians Vote for Secular American Empire. Vote to Sign USA-India Defense Pact. Vote for Bridge to Future. Reject conspiracy to take USA to Medieval Dark Ages.
(14) ELECTION 2006 IS CLASH OF GOOD Vs BAD: Good Religion, Good Clergy, Good Politics is secular imperialism seeking to realize the manifest destiny of the United States, which in 21st century defined in terms of control over oil and gas reserves of the OPEC nations. President Bush and Secretary Rice represent in the Election 2006 relatively speaking, Good Politics, Good Imperial Diplomacy, Good Oil Business, Good Church directed by good politicians. Democrats President Carter, Clinton represent relatively speaking Bad Politics, Bad Diplomacy, Bad Frauds, Bad Medieval Religion that harmed the national interests of USA. Earlier in Administrations of Clinton, Carter and Kennedy, the Bad politicians had aligned with Bad Priests to conspire Nexus of Bad Politics – Bad Religion – Bad Crime Frauds to misdirect the policies of Secular USA. The sacred purpose of political elections in United States is to elect the political direction of the political state USA, without the influence of Religion or Church. President Carter was the political implant of conspiratorial Religion over Secular White House to politically destroy the vitals of the secular United States. Bill Clinton also represented Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy. Catholic Kennedy, Baptist Carter and Baptist Clinton implemented the religious agenda from the White House, in a manner that harmed the national interests of USA defined in terms of Realism and Richelieu’s Raison D’etat. Kalki Gaur advises American Voters to Vote Wisely in Republican and Democratic Primaries, to empower secular political forces triumph over Medieval religious forces, to elect the secular political leadership of America. The cardinal principle of 21st Century in contrast to Medievalism is that secular politics must not be guided or controlled by Church or Religion. Strengthen the Wall that separates White House and Church, let not Priests have any influence whatsoever over Politicians. Vote to End the Influence of Christian Religion over Secular American Politics. Religion and Clergy has no rights whatsoever to be in politics. Those that want Church to have an influence over White House or Capitol should leave 21st Century USA and they belong to Europe of Medieval Dark Age. Do not allow Religion, Church or Clergy to misuse the freedom of secular political democracy to end the independence of secular Politics itself. Choice is yours. Vote Wisely on 7th.
(15) NON DENOMINATIONAL SECULARISTS OUTNUMBER CHRISTIAN FANATICS: Secular Non Denominational Americans vote for secular imperial agenda of Republican Bush administration. Secular Americans outnumber religious right Christians. Non-denominational Christians number more than 200 million and are overwhelmingly secular and outnumber Catholics, Baptists, Evangelicals, Denominational Churches and Prophetic Christians combined. Non Denominational Christians openly reject Christian Religious Right Conservatives. Non-Denominational Churches represent true Christianity as is revealed by Da Vinci Code and Gospel of Judas. Non-Denominational Christians support Secular Petro-imperial Agenda of Republican Bush Administration and reject Islamic terrorism. Non Denominational Christians represent Good Guys America, love Republicans and hate Christian religious fundamentalism. Votes of the Non-Denominational Christians determine more than the votes of the Catholics, Fundamentalists, Denominational Christians and Evangelicals in USA. It is End of Time for Prophetic Christians and Religious Right in American Elections. Election 2006 is revenge of Secular Christians over Christian Right. American Voters are demanding that Church undergo reforms to meet the demands of Da Vinci Code and Gospel of Judas. Elections reflect the Revolt of the Laity.
(16) DEMOCRATS LOVE TERRORISTS TERRORISM: Vote Republicans because Democrats loved protected nurtured Islamic terrorists during Clinton administration, while Bush waged war on terrorism. Jimmy Carter created empowered Ayatollah Khomeini. Bill Clinton created nurtured financed Osama Ben Laden, Taleban, Al Qaeda. Bill Clinton rewarded Osama Ben Laden for World Trade Center bombing and Nairobi Embassy bombing with the Taleban Kingdom of Afghanistan. Bill Clinton overthrew the government of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaj Sharief because he offered to arrest Osama Ben Laden and hand over to USA. Democrats, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton developed very deep ties with intolerant monotheist Islamic terrorism to implement the hidden patriarchal monotheist agenda to engineer the descent of New Dark Age and End of Time Apocalypse. Bush wages war on Islamic Terrorism, Democrats support Islamic and Maoist terrorism. No wonder Americans reject Democrats and reject Terrorism and Vote for Republicans. Jimmy Carter is the Father and Smiling Face of Shiite Iranian Terrorism and Jonestown Massacre. Bill Clinton is the patron of Chinese and Pakistan theft of nuclear weapon technology and components and father of Islamic Terrorism.
(17) KING vs. PRIEST CLASH IN ELECTIONS: Vote Republicans in American Elections as it is a replay of Clash of King versus Priest and Business versus Crime. Republicans represent the interests of King and Business. Democrats represent the interests of Priest and Crime. Republicans want White House to be King over world’s Oil and Gas reserves and are pro-Business. Democrats want to make White House the Servant of the Church and Pope. Democrats created financial frauds as all frauds took place during Democratic Administrations, namely, Enron, WorldCom and Marc Rich. Elect Republicans and Dump Democrats. US Elections are classic war between Good versus Evil, except when in 4,500+ Election Canvassing Boards both parties join forces to fraudulently manipulate the entire election process to keep good politicians and third parties win elections.
(18) GLOBALIZATION OF POLITICS FAVORS REPUBLICANS: All politics in America were local earlier that allowed Priests at the pulpit overwhelming clout in campaign fund raising, volunteer force mobilization and local level attitude formation. The Papacy, religious right conservative conspiracy took advantage of the situation to get their nominees elected, namely, archconservative Catholic John F. Kennedy, Masonic Lodge Leader Gerald Ford, Baptist Jimmy Carter and Baptist Bill Clinton, which allowed the Church to misuse the power of the White House to implement anti-pagan anti-Buddhist anti-Hindu patriarchal iconoclast intolerant monotheist agenda worldwide, in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Haiti, South Korea, China, Burma, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, etc. The stagnant white Christian population and end of East European immigration, rising population of USA crossing 300 million mark and globalization of politics ended or lessened the role of Church in American elections and primaries nomination process. There is no permanent political machinery and political cadre except that of salaried or elected politicians in United States. The entire American election process is fraudulently manipulated at the grass root level at 4500+ County Canvassing Boards, which are controlled by salaries party officials of two major political parties, Republicans and Democrats. If Internet Political Blogosphere succeeds in mobilizing Voters turnout and voters voting behavior in American elections would result in the decline of the role of religious right conservative conspiracy in American election process. The American politics is heading towards Three Party System, where the new Third Party shall become the second strongest political party in America. Since Republican Party funded by secular leaders of economy and Oil, it would emerge stronger than the Democratic Party, which has ejected Blacks, Latinos and Immigrants from the top corridors of power. Before 2020 the top three political parties in declining order shall be Republican Party, Third Party, and Democratic Party. Remember as a sitting President Bill Clinton had declared that Pope John Paul II is the God’s representative on earth. No wonder patriotic Neocon WASPs fear that Democrats have a hidden agenda to transform Oval Office as an Executive Office working for the Church or Papacy. The Globalization of Politics means that the United States of 300+ million population would prefer Republicans over Democrats in Elections 2006 and 2008, to ensure that secular economic Oil interests determine US foreign policies rather than the diktat of the Church or Papacy.
(19) GOOD GUYS Vs BAD GUYS: United States is a Two-Headed Giant, where First Head is of the Good Guy Republican America that wants to create American Empire. The Second Head is of Bad Guys Democrats that wants to make White House the Servant Quarters of the Church and Papacy. Good Guys want to Rule the Oil World, wage war on Terrorism and befriend India and Democracies. Bad Guys want Pope to Rule America and nurture Islamic Terrorism and Communist intolerance and overthrow democracies. Choice is yours. Vote your conscience in forthcoming primaries and general elections 2008. Vote for Virtue and Dump Evil.
(20) REJECT DEMOCRATIC AGENDA OF DECEPTION NEWSPEAK DOUBLETHINK: Democratic Party, Presidents Administrations are experts in Deception and fool people by proving that Black is White, Upside is Downside, Good is Bad, Evil is Virtue and this is recognized worldwide as Wilsonian Policy of Deception Newspeak Doublethink. Republicans especially Bush and Rice are straight shooters. Petro-Pax-Americana in Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly Iran, is a Virtue and good for American economy and a moral imperative for War on Islamic Terrorism. Vote against Democratic Deception Newspeak. Clinton Carter Kennedy weakened America. Reagan and Bush empowered America and destroyed Communism.
(21) DEMOCRATS UNFIT FOR OVAL OFFICE: American Blacks, Latinos and WASPs should vote for the Republicans in elections 2008 to protect and empower secular Petro-Pax-Americana. The Carter, Clinton and Kennedy Administrations represented the New Dark Age of Axis of Medieval that harmed the national interests of the United States by extra-constitutional misuse of the power of the White House to implement the hidden Iconoclast Monotheist Agenda of the Church. The Election 2008 is the electoral clash of Democratic Medievalism Vs Republican Machiavellian Colonialism. Democrats have offered no policy alternatives, except to deploy Inquisitions for Republican sexual digressions, the same Democrats who opposed Monica Lewinski allegations. The 2008 Election Clash of Religious Democratic Medievalism Vs Secular Republican Petro-Colonialism is a Real Choice for American Voters. Americans have to choose between Pope’s lobbyists or Oil lobbyists, and between Fundamentalism-Terrorism Axis or War on Terrorism. American Voters now have an election opportunity to choose between Democratic Religious Medievalism and accommodation of Islamic Terrorism and secular Republican Machiavellian Petro-Colonialism and War on Islamic Terrorism. Democrats want the Global New Dark Age to descend on Earth. Republicans wants the New Age of Colonialism in 21st Century. Democratic Party represents Dark Age Medievalism. Republican Party represents Secular Machiavellian Modernism. The Two Party System no longer represents the same wine in differently colored bottles. Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, Madeleine Albright represent the pro-China patriarchal iconoclast fundamentalist intolerant Axis of Medieval in American Politics that seeks to implement the End of Time eschatology of Prophetic Christians that conducted foreign policy to implement the religious agenda through an alliance with genocidal Islamic terrorism and Communist extremism. George Bush and Condoleezza Rice represent the morally right secular axis of modernity that seeks to implement the Oil agenda through an alliance with nuclear India and via War on Islamic terrorism. The elections of November 2008 present to American Voters an opportunity to choose between Medievalism and Modernity. The Congressional Cox Report Jan 1999, details how Democrats allowed the theft of American nuclear technology to China and other countries? Global Axis of Medieval engineered the transfer of nuclear weapon technology to Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia and North Korea to ignite Christian-Islamic Armageddon to fulfill End of Time Eschatology.
(22) APOCALYPTIC AGENDA OF JIMMY CARTER IS EVIL CORE OF AXIS OF MEDIEVAL: To Republican Neocons, Democrat Jimmy Carter was a Traitor to USA, as he refused to invade Iran to free Americans. As a Democratic President Jimmy Carter made United States a laughing stock of the world and he betrayed United States by refusing to attack Iran to liberate American embassy prisoners and now he is conspiring to sabotage Republican President George Bush’s determined effort to tame Iran. Jimmy Carter is the patron-Saint Father of Ayatollahism, Islamic theocracy and Islamic Terrorism. Jimmy Carter symbolizes Evil Medievalism, which is morally wrong. George Bush & Condi Rice symbolizes Machiavellian Colonialism, which is morally right.
(23) PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER FATHER OF ISLAMIC TERRORISM: Jimmy Carter Created Terrorism. George Bush wages War on Terrorism. President Jimmy created Islamic terrorism and Iranian Shiite Theocracy. President Jimmy carter organized the overthrow of enlightened Shah of Iran and engineered the enthronement of Ayatollah Khomenini. Jimmy Carter sabotaged democratically elected government of Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar and ruled out the transfer of power to Military generals in Iran. The pro-Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Islamic modernization policies put into place by President Jimmy Carter, while he was in office, at behest of Christian Religious Right Conservative Conspiracy laid the Islamic terrorist forces in motion that resulted in Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. President Carter has been the patron saint of Osama Ben Laden and al Qaeda. President carter could be held responsible for 9/11 terrorist attacks. Novice President Clinton appointed the officials of the Carter Secretary of State to first Clinton administration, who conspired to legitimize Islamic terrorism, al Qaeda and Osama Ben Laden. President Carter should be worshipped at Mecca as American Father of Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Theocracy, Al Qaeda and Osama Ben Laden and his likes. The religious right conspiracy that Jimmy Carter presides over could cause more harm to the secular United States than that of his protégé Islamic terrorism. Ideas of Jimmy Carter present greater threat to secular USA than Islamic terrorism.
(24) CLINTON CARTER CREATED ISLAMIC ATOM BOMB: Ex-President Jimmy Carter is responsible for the North Korean Nuclear explosion by his negotiations with North Korea during Clinton Administration. President Carter cemented the Mecca-Vatican ties that united the forces of extremism and fundamentalism. President Carter was very friendly with the Jones of Guyana that resulted in the massacre of American Christians in Guyana and murder of American lawmaker in the jungles of Guyana. As the leader of Christian religious right conservative conspiracy and patron of Islamic extremism, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic terrorism and Islamic theocracy, President carter is engaged in implementing the agenda of Apocalyptic End of Time Eschatology Teleology now. If white Western Christian Civilization continue to accept Jimmy Carter as responsible American politician by virtue of his being ex-President then the fate of the Apocalyptic White Christian world would be doomed to the delight of Prophetic Christians as the advice of President Jimmy Carter can only lead to the death of the Christian Civilization as we know it. More than Osama Ben Laden, Christians like Jimmy Carter could cause the Apocalyptic End of White Christian Civilization in not so distant a future. Just as Pope conspired with barbarian invaders to Rome in 415 AD, similarly Democrats like Jimmy Carter conspiring with Islamic terrorism to engineer the descent of New Global Dark Age in Western hemisphere in 21st Century. Secular USA can also fall in 21st Century, just as Roman Empire fell in 415 AD, once religious extremism got control over Roman Empire. Now, the Islamic terrorism and Christian fundamentalism presents the threat to USA, similar to that presented by barbarian invasions of Roman Empire in 415 AD. Christian Fundamentalism might have provided logistic and ideological support to Wahhabi terrorists for 9/11 attacks on secular United States, especially in the ensuing Anthrax attacks. Patriotic WASPs need to be vigilant in ongoing War on Terrorism to ward off dangers of sabotage for Axis of Medievalism. Next time Islamic terrorists will attack United States with Islamic Nukes, to fulfill the Apocalyptic Fatima Prophesy of Armageddon. Prophetic Christians might foolishly join the War of Religions on the side of nuke-armed Islamic terrorism. Patriotic WASPs must take preventive measures to break the emerging Nexus of Islamic terrorism and Apocalyptic Prophetic Christianity. Democrats created Islamic Atom Bomb, and Republicans fight to tame Islamic Atom Bomb.
(25) CARTER AGAINST USA-INDIA NUKE DEAL: The Democrats that seeking to sabotage USA-India Nuclear Deal, as it would lead to denuking the Islamic Atom Bomb. Clinton allowed Pakistan get nuclear weapon technology. Those that oppose Nuke deal with India kept silent when Congressional Cox Report 1999 that outlined the Chinese theft of nuclear weapon design secrets from Los Alamos weapons Labs, and they also kept mum when the Islamic Nuclear technology market set up by Pakistan was revealed. All those that want Nuclear Armageddon to destroy Christian Civilization oppose USA-India Nuke Deal.
(26) AXIS OF MEDIEVAL IN AMERICA SEEKS TO DESTROY SECULAR USA: Jimmy Carter represents the Evil Core of Axis of Medieval Fundamentalism. Wahhabi Al Qaeda represent the Core of Islamic Medievalism. Beijing China represents the Evil Core of Axis of Communist Medievalism. The Pure Evil resides at the Core of the Global Axis of Medievalism that conspiring to descend New Global Dark Age on the world in 21st Century to implement the End of Time Apocalyptic agenda. What one can expect from Jimmy carter who is the Father of Islamic Theocracy, Islamic Terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism? Jimmy Carter is so ludicrous that it is not worth wasting time on him, as he is determined to bring White Christian Civilization to an Apocalyptic End in alliance with his buddies in Iran to cause Christian-Islamic Armageddon, by his evil design to sabotage USA-India Nuclear deal that President George Bush signed with India.
(27) REPUBLICANS ARE MORALLY GOOD VIRTUE & RIGHT: Rudy Giuliani and Condi Rice in their individual capacities are both more competent than every one of the following, namely, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright. The President Bush is more competent than John Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The people and Capitol Hill have a choice to make, whether they support the morally Good George Bush or morally Evil Jimmy Carter. The choice that the people of the United States would make, shall determine the fate of the Christian World and would determine whether likes of Jimmy carter would succeed in causing Apocalyptic damage to Christian civilization, with their determined pursuit of End of Time agenda. Apocalyptic teleology of ex-President Democratic Jimmy Carter presents greater threat to the secular WASP Protestant United States than al Qaeda or Osama Ben Laden. It is high time that Republican Neocons should grab the horns of the Evil directly rather than let is cause Armageddon by stealth to establish theocracy in USA.
(28) DEMOCRATS HARMED NATIONAL INTERESTS OF USA: As President, Jimmy Carter made United States the laughing stock of the world by his failure to attack Iran to free American embassy staff imprisoned by Ayatollah Khomeini. Was President Carter on the payroll of Ayatollah Khomeini that Pentagon did nothing to invade Iran? President Bill Clinton harmed the national interests of America by allowing nuclear technology thefts by China and Pakistan. Many patriotic WASPs consider President Jimmy Carter a traitor for his failure to use force to liberate American embassy officials held prisoners in Tehran. As a diplomat and Commander in Chief president Jimmy carter holds the greatest distinction of formulating most stupid foreign policy during his tenure as the President of USA. With Jimmy Carter as leader and a friend the United States does not need any enemy. So far as foreign policy is considered Jimmy Carter can only be called a Traitor to USA when compared to the patriotic George Bush and Condi Rice. In the eyes of patriotic WASPs in American politics Democrat Jimmy Carter represents the Core of Axis of Evil and on other hand Republican Bush-Condi Rice represent Core of Axis of Virtue. Axis of Evil caused 9/11 Terrorism and Axis of Virtue waged war on Terrorism. The Election of forthcoming November 2008 Elections, provide American Voters a Clear Choice, whether to Vote for Axis of Evil or vote for Axis of Virtue. Remember the 9/11 attacks would not have taken place without the active involvement of Core of Axis of Medieval. Remember the Pure Evil core of Axis of Medieval wants to destroy secular WASP United States just as in 415 AD it destroyed secular Roman Empire to cause European Medieval Dark Age, to engineer in the 21st Century the descent of Looming Global Dark Age on the White Christian Western World, to fulfill the End of Time eschatology of Prophetic Christians. To secular WASPs and patriotic Neocons Jimmy Carter and Osama Ben Laden represents the two sides of same Coin of Evil. Hindu, Buddhist and Pagan Civilizations representing more than 3.5 Billion people denounce the Evil represented by likes of Jimmy Carter as well as Osama Ben Laden. Dear American Voters, please prudently think before you vote in Primaries in 2008, as it would be a vote for or against Evil that seeks to destroy the secular character of the United States.
Kalki Gaur, Editor World Press Club, Washington DC, November 26, 2006, Sunday, 6:00 AM, Blog: Blog
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y-intercept said...

The guy is a brutal dictator. The question is about timing just as Saddam Hussein was a bad character. The question is about timing. The international political front needs to be about stopping genocides first then redressing past wrongs second.

I am not sure if I buy into the conspiracy ideas mentioned. I think our modern self destructive politics is driven more by idiocy than conspiracy.