Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Down Again

I would be working on my web sites. Unfortunately, my discount web host is down again. Instead of complaining, I should be happy. I've averaged only about 2 serious outages a month at The are up over 90% of the time! Of course, as I write this blog post, blogger goes down. My experience is that Avidhosting is down probably only three times more often than Blogger.

Being down so much of the year is frustrating. Perhaps I should rethink the idea of having all the pages dynamically generated. Now that I have more diskspace available, I could change the design so that it generates static pages. That way the web site wouldn't be down when the database failed. Delivering static pages might be faster. Of course, doing that means that I could not deliver custom pages to users as I currently.

I had pulled out most of the custom page code because I was scared that Googlebot would give me demerits for delivering slightly different pages to their webcrawler than to the end users. I hate having to make compromises for a flippin' robot, but that is the way the web works. Designers have to consider google first and the experience of users at the site second.

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