Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Going Wireless

My new computer has a built in Wifi connection. So, I decided to run out and go wireless for the afternoon. I first set out to Liberty Park (which is on the SLC Wireless List. I found out that I could not see the screen ... even under the big shade trees; So, I headed to the Salt Lake Library (Salt Lake Library photos). I went to the top floor, thinking that the electomagnetic waves on the top floor would have more potency than the bottom.

Anyway, I am feeling super cool and jacked in at the moment...despite the fact that I am doing something relatively unproductive ... blogging.

Being perched in a wifi zone like this, you would think that I would do something kewl like writing the first chapter of a book. Hmmmm, maybe that is what I should do next.

Or better yet. Since I am on a fast connection, perhaps I should use this time to delete my way through some of the spam that has accumulated in my filters. The last I looked, there were 30,000 spams since my last spam deletion at the end of October.

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