Sunday, April 30, 2006

Desolation Trail

Desolation Trail
I took Coco on a short walk up the Desolation Trail. Since I have to take Coco on regular walks, I never do long walks ... just short walks in areas that allow dogs. There was still a little bit of snow on the trail. A large number of trees seem to have fallen down this winter. I decided that more trees are falling down than normal because George Bush is in the White House.

I am actually a little bit concerned about the trees in Mill Creek. I recall the forest being denser in years. I think the area was hit hard with diseases in the last several decades. The canyon had a gypsy moth infestation in 1993. I think the forest suffered a few other blights along with extremely heavy usage from humans in the last years.

The little brook at Church Fork was running at full force; so I decided to take picture of it as well.

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