Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Sales

The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest sales day of the year. A quick analysis of sales shows that the Community Color collection of sites sent 160 links to affiliated merchants ... these hits resulted in a single sale that paid one shiny dime in commissions.

NOTE: I am actually not sure if the dime is shiny. a tenth of a dollar will be transferred electronically into my savings account. When I go to withdraw the dime, I will have a choice of whatever dimes are the teller's box.

The totals for the month are a little better. I've sent 3328 hits to affiliated merchants scoring $238.50. Unfortunately, the bulk of that revenue vanished.

I was getting ready to sign the dotted line on a new server. Instead, I am left sitting here wondering why I am building a community directories when I do not "Share Utah values." Yes, I have actually been told a number of times that I do not "share Utah Values." You can tell if a person shares Utah values by the cut of their underwear.

I do kind of "share Park City values." I just don't share in the massive amounts of cash that it takes to live there.

BTW, my Black Friday sale was from the Fandango Link on the Salt Lake Movies page. Fandango is a cool service. You can buy movie tickets online. Buying online means you don't have to get to the theatre early, stand in line and risk missing the movie you want to see. The problem with Fandango is that you have to pay a processing fee. I would only use the service on a crowded day like today. In the last two years, I've sent Fandango 533 hits resulting in 26 sales for $2.60 ... not quite enough to pay for a server and colocation fees.

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