Monday, November 28, 2005

msn spaces

I started playing with MSN Spaces. Anyway, I think I will use a MSN Blog for comments on current events, and use this blog primarily for discussions about philosophy, programming, community and math.

The one advantage of the MSN program is that it allows categories ... which prevents blogs from diverging on a large number of this blog does.

Back to important matters. My premilary look at stats shows that I had no sales on Saturday or Sunday (which is typical). My big hope is today. One problem of course, is that an open directory structure doesn't do any preselling. For example, Denver Clothing store page simply shows links to stores in the area. It makes no attempt to explain why a store might be compelling.

When I shop, I just want to know about what options exist.

Of course, the mixed message of a community directory that lists web sites with franchises fails here as well. The community directory only shows a the subset of shopping options that have both a web site and local store. Many of the most compelling apparel stores don't have physical outlets.

So far, I show one sale today. Not enough to pay for a server, but at least it is a start.

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