Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy harvest festival.

One of the really positive trends I've seen in communities throughout the U.S. is a growing awareness of food. More and more communities are hosting farmers market. Vegetable gardening is in again. More and more people are shopping at organic markets.

Liberty Heights is an excellent store for folks in Salt Lake.

The quality of foods in certain Utah restaurants has skyrocketed. Some of the bad restaurants have gone to the great grease bin the sky. We have more and better choices of food today. I am thankful for that.

The selection of beer and wines are substantially better today than when I was a teen. It seems to me that Americans are rediscovering food. It is a trend I hope continues. One of the benefits of the increase in productivity and quality control is that we are able to spend more time thinking about what we put in ourselves.

I've had some great conversations in the last several years with restaurant owners, organic farmers and others who are part of this trend.

Anyway, I was thinking of pithy, counter cultural statements to spout this Thanksgiving. The truth is, I see a lot of good things still. I have far more reasons to give thanks than to spew verbal toxin. So, I am thankful for the great harvest and wish happiness to all in the holidays on the horizon.

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