Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SOHO Groups

I crashed the SOHO Groups monthly meeting this morning. We were split into groups about different topics. I was in a group that discussed networking. My speil, of course, was that blogs are a great tool for building networks within the local business community.

In addition to their corporate web site, companies should have blogs, or at least encourage people in the company to have blogs. The blog would then be a free form space that overviews the activities of the business.

While the blogs themselves are not informative. In many cases, they are not even good reading; such blogs end up building an authentic link structure for the overall community. While the blogs themselves may not be that interesting, aggregate information from blogs written by people who care about their local community is extremely helpful in finding informative web sites.

Rather than limiting your networking efforts to a links page on your website, creating a blog and making short write ups on things would help build a more authentic topology for links.

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