Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Domain Change

Over the weekend, I moved the domain Proto Photo to a new server. The reseller account I was using had a limit of a paltry 200MB...not sufficient for a photo gallery. Not only did they have low bandwidth and space restrictions, the account had a punitive pricing structure. It was basically the thing that if the site got popular, I could have ended up with network fees in tens of thousands of dollars.

Because of that limit, I had stopped adding pictures or development on the account. I also had compressed all of the images in the gallery to the point that the quality of the images was compromised.

My new account has a 2GB limit and it has a reasonable upgrade path if I exceed that amount. That means I can start adding photos again! That is, if I can get everything working again.

I waited so long as I really was expecting my web host to change the pricing on my original account.

I am slowly getting the new account to work.

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