Sunday, May 08, 2005

This Close to Peace

Reuters reports that Dutch peace activists were nabbed in an attempt to grab Bush's nuclear. You know, the one with the portable red button that can launch all the nuclear weapons.

Of course, Bush could still launch nuclear wars left and right with the red button under his desk in the Oval office, but we could have some peace while Bush is on the road lying to everyone so that he can build up a context to justify nuclear.

As Agent Maxwell Smart would say "We, were this close." We were this close to finally having peace.

Except, why do I always have a nagging feeling that we would be worse off if the people who claim to be "peace activists" were in power?

I've gone to several peace meetings that could best be described as people brimming over with hate, projecting their emotions onto others and getting paranoid in the process.

Of course there's also a lot of rational people who are working diligently to open communications, clean landmine fields and build a structure where peace can prevail.

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