Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dog Heaven

I took Coco on a walk through dog heaven (the "wink, wink" off-leash area at Parley's Hollow).

The picture is from last year. I wish I took my camera along on this hike. Everywhere I look, I see cool pictures that I want to take. Unfortunately, my web host has not upgraded the service contract since 1999. I will have to change web hosts before I am able to upload any more pictures. Grrrrr!!!!!

Changing hosts wouldn't be a problem if I had make a decent revenue stream. The problem is that he only people willing to pay me for listing in the community sites are the mass affiliate marketers, and most of those are crooks.

I've been pouring through my stats to figure out which ones to continue and which to drop. It appears that Regional Help Wanted just passed the 5000 hit mark. They've paid zero zero dollars and zero zero cents for 5000 links. They are typical of the game.

I would actually be sending them several thousand users a month if they had a legitimate program. The world is full of people who would rather trick a little out of people than making a lot by being fair.

Since I want to list all of the sites relevant to the communities served by my directories, I've been hesitant to cut them off completely. I've experimented with different ways to stem the flow of traffic to their program.

My current idea is to make an interim page. Rather than linking directly to the regional help wanted sites, I link to the interim page. This page has links back to my directories.

My idea is to make interim pages for all the big institutions that affect communities. This structure might get more traffic flowing into the small independent shops.

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