Wednesday, May 04, 2005

April Totals

The April totals are in. In April, I sent 8442 clicks to merchants. The reported earnings were $876.12. I will generally get about 85% of the reported earnings.

Sadly, I find that the general impression of the community sites is that they are nothing but ads. Few people in a community will link to the directories because of the ads. I ran a report that compares the number of affiliate links to community links. Here's the total:

Affiliate v Free Links
CommunityAff LinksFree LinksPercent
Salt Lake Sites12140302.915%
Missoula Websites235314.152%
Bend Open Directory2113513.462%
Idaho Falls Web Sites212418.015%
Grand Junction214884.126%
Heber City Biz51104.348%
Provo, Utah.US7211196.045%
Vernal, Utah. US91386.122%
Price Helper4685.556%
Saint George333269.192%
Cedar City111945.366%
Cheyenne, Wyoming. US162326.452%
Park City, Utah235643.918%
Ogden, Utah3526611.628%
Boulder Color4311127.922%
Colorado Springs Color5212030.233%
Glenwood Springs Color143826.923%

The most developed site in the collection (Salt Lake Sites) currently has 4030 free links and only 121 ad links. That is 2.97% of the total links are "affiliate links". Currently, only 10% of the "affiliate" programs I've joined have paid me anything. This Sears Home Center is the only page that consistently results in income.

Lesser developed sites (like Boulder Color, are a different story. I just haven't had time to add many free links. Currently, Boulder has 43 affiliate links and 111 free links. That figure will drop with time. Of course, the site has neglible traffic at the moment...since it is new.

One the positive side. The sites still show revenue growth. The growth isn't fast enough to pay for development. sigh.

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