Sunday, February 23, 2003

Adopt a Minefield

With everyone beating the drums of war, I thought I would mention one of the most effective methods for promoting peace: Landmine Removal.

Landmines looked like a good idea a half century ago. People saw them as a way to protect against tanks. Today, dozens of countries have serious problems with landmines which hamper the ability of people to move around and take a disproportionate number of children and civilian casualties. Afghanistan is one of the most affected countries. Most of the landmines in Afghanistan came from the war with Russia and ensuing battles between the Afghani warlords. Afghanistan also suffers from a large number of unexploded ordnance from the US/Afghanistan war.

Anyway, the Gandhi Alliance for Peace is a Utah Non-Profit raising funds for landmine removal. I donated a web site to the organization: [link broken]. Hopefully, it has raised awareness of the issue.

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