Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I am hoping Blogger uses PST; so I can continue this remarkable feat of an entry a day (at least for the first week).

I saw the DVD "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" which has been getting a great deal of praise. The son of a dried up english family marries into a rich greek family. Wow, if this film was made twenty years ago, it would have been derided as sexist to the core. Today it is praised. It is interesting that times change.

I recently finished reading "Bone Hunter" by Sarah Andrews. She has a fun series about a forensic geologist (Em Hansen). She is getting involved with a Mormon family in Utah. I think it is a fun series. I put up a review on the book review section of Price Helper. (This is actually a community directory for Price and Helper, Utah.

Time to press publish. I hope Blogger is on PST.

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