Monday, February 24, 2003

So, what's up with y-intercept?

Well, the y-intercept is the point where a curve intersects the x-axis. It is the value of an equation f(x) at 0.

I see the y-intercept as the starting point of a line. I chose the name because it gives (in a pseudo mathematical sense) the notion of beginning an adventure. It is generally easy to find the y-intercept...but where you go from there is unknown. I will expand this idea at length in a later blog.

Anyway, I was planning on expanding the site into a larger literary site. Unfortunately. my ISP hosed the database and I did not have a good back up. So that site sits there on the net like a sore thumb, dropping in google rank each month. It is amazing how recovering from a loss of data takes longer and requires more mental energy that building an idea from scratch.

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