Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Utah's Cracking Down on Free Speech

I've been in a major funk. I am interested in the mathematics of funding health care.

This is a very important issue that people simply must discuss. I spent seven years and over ten grand trying to find people willing to discuss the subject.

I live in the Fascist State of Utah. The LDS Church, which controls this state, routinely puts down all debate. Being unable to find a single person in Utah willing to discuss free market health care reform shows that there is something seriously wrong with this state.

Conservative Mormons are closed minded people who are both incapable and unwilling to discuss issues.

So, what do Conservative Mormons do when they get power? They engage in culture war. Sheriffs have been marching out to the few hotsprings that Mormons have not destroyed yet to arrest nude bathers. They arrested a Hispanic kid for having four nude images of his white classmates on his phone. The legislature actually passed a resolution declaring a war on nudity.

I have a collection of sites titled Utah Color where I reblog sites from Utah. I try to be inclusive, but avoid porn sites.  I reblog images on my tumblr sites, eg has images  from the Grand Canyon state and has images from Utah's canyonlands.

I've reblogged some five thousand images and keep up with photographers on Tumblr.

Tumblr used the acronym NSFW (Not Safe For Work) to describe web sites containing nudity.

I've noticed a crack down on NSFW web sites on tumblr. The crack down is fine by me. is tumblr's site. They should have control of it.

Tumblr is a photo sharing site.  The photos that are reblogged and liked float to the surface.

Tumblr has one huge problem. Most of the people reblogging NSFW images are looking for porn. I've reblogged 5000 posts, but no NSFW images.

So, two issues are swimming in my mind. The first is that if only people looking for porn reblog NSFW images that side of tumblr, then the NSFW side of tumblr becomes excessively raunchy.

The bigger issue is that, while using classical liberal rhetoric to gain power, Conservatives have a dismal record of advancing individual liberty. What conservatives do in power is to launch culture wars.

So, I decided to make NSFW tumblr blog to express the opinion that, while graphic representation of the human body is problematic, the human body itself is not evil.

WARNING: The links in this post after this paragraph  go to the NSFW site. The links are intended for people who are of age and who are not in a public place. In most places that means you must be over 21, and that you are not in a library.

Links Restricted to Those Over Eighteen The sections Nude Utah, Nude Arizona and Nude Colorado shows images of nudes from Utah, Arizona and Colorado, respectively.

The Diamond Fork Report talks about raid at Diamond Fork. Kenneth Beck is a silly person who tied bells to his particulars and danced around the Diamond Fork Hot Springs to shock people. Culture wars beget culture warriors.

This is the text of Utah's war on culture war on nudity.

Police in Utah County arrested a Hispanic kid for having four nude images of his white classmates.

I would rather talk about free market health care reform, mathematics, logic or a myriad of other issues. But Utahans prefer culture war to actual culture. I populated the site with 80 images and added another 90 images to a queue. There will be one image a day. I might put up some more thoughts on the culture war, but seriously, this is not a primary interest. I am not interested in user submissions to the site. I might reblog a post if you tell me about it.

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