Thursday, March 24, 2016

Violence for Political Ends

Is it strange to see Barrack Obama in Cuba celebrating the life of Castro at the same time as the terrorist attack in Brussels.

The article Castro and Terrorism provides a timeline of Fidel's and Raul's ongoing support for international terrorism. Many of the groups funded by Castro have devolved into the terrorists that we see today.

The Castro Brothers trained terrorists in Northern Africa and Syria which are ground zero for the current round of terrorists.

In Latin America, the left wing terrorist groups devolved into drug lords.

Genocide Watch groups report that there were over 26,000 reported disappearances in Mexico between 2006 and 2012. Estimates of the victim count often reach 100,000.

It is hard to get good counts as the numbers include 80 journalists who disappeared for daring to report on the genocide.

(Doesn't anyone else find it strange that a neighboring country had a genocide during the Obama administration that was simply ignored by the left wing media?)

I understand the desire to whitewash Castro's terrorist history and to normalize relations. Unfortunately, the escalating terrorism that we see in the world show that now is not a good time for this course of action and that Obama's rush to arrange photo-ops with the Castro's is effectively a tacit approval of the use of violence for political ends.

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