Thursday, March 24, 2016

On Turkeys and Brussel Sprouts

The terrorist attacks in Brussels have received a great deal of media attention.

The truly scary attacks, however, are taking place in Turkey which has seen about a dozen attacks in this last year (wikidpedia).

Turkey has taken in the bulk of refugees displaced by ISIS.

Turkey has been seeking membership into the European Union, which the US supports.

That the terrorist attacks are coinciding with the refugee crisis indicates that something I've feared may be true.

My fear is that immigration has become radicalized.

I am a fan of immigration, But when political groups seek to change an area through immigration, immigration becomes radicalized and turns from a positive force into a negative force.

If it were feasible, I would support open borders. But in an age of radicalized immigration, I believe that the best alternative is to create clear immigration laws that our nation enforces.

Although it sounds harsh, deportation is the correct response to an immigration violation.

Unfortunately, the reality is that our Federal Government needs to show the people a willingness to support immigration laws before we can have any sort of liberalization of immigration policy.

The terrorist attacks which have dotted the EU this last year show the dangers of radicalized immigration. The first line of defense against terrorism is well defined immigration law which are enforced.

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