Monday, January 04, 2016

Applying the Concepts from "Coaching" to Sports

This was a funny conversation.

A large number of people with new age ideals have started calling themselves "coaches."

The name coach has a nice ring that reminds people of school sports.

We now have business coaches, life coaches, food coaches, etc., and I wish the best for everyone playing this game.

So, I was listening to to some people talking about how to apply the principles of life coaching to sports. I see nothing wrong with this.

The conversation had several declarative statements about the what a coach does, and I made the comment that there is already a position in sports called a "coach," and that, when applying principles from life coaching to sports, one should be wary of their terms.

A life coach is an advisory role. A team coach is an authoritative title. An actual sports coach calls the shots and decides who plays, etc..

The two people who were talking about applying life coaching to sports launched in on me as if I were the worst person on the planet.

If not for the people yelling at me, the conversation was quite hilarious. I think one could do a great comedy sketch with a fluffy life-coach at odds with a hardened sports coach.

It might not work. Folks on the left are not capable of laughing at themselves.

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