Friday, May 30, 2014

Photoshopping People Out of the Community

First on the international front: A CONSERVATIVE family in Pakistan stoned to death their pregnant daughter for marrying outside the family's wishes.

Yes, Standing in a circle and throwing stones at your daughter until she dies is an active of CONSERVATISM.

Anyone who is standing up waving CONSERVATISM as the answer is either a troglodyte or an idiot.

There are good answers in this world.

Liberty is an answer. The ideals of US Founders make for a  good answer. There are many great answers found in religious traditions. I, myself, am quite fond of forcing ideas through the rigors of logic, mathematics and science.

As for CONSERVATISM; I've never seen anything there beyond senseless reaction.

There are two possible ways for coming to the worst possible answer. The first is POGRESSIVISM and the second CONSERVATISM.

For example, Health Care is an extremely important issue. I argue that it is the most important issue of our generation.

For the last hundred years, health care has been dominated by progressive thinking. People have fallen for the line that group funding of health care is the only possible way to fund health care. Progressives want the collective owned by the state (socialism) and conservatives want the collective owned by big business (fascism).

Both sides of this argument are wrong.

The VA is one of the best implementations of group funded health care going, and we routinely see people thrown out and dying.

I believe that a free market could give our veterans far better care than received in the VA, but, since the single minded issue of Conservatives is the preservation of the social order, there will never be a day when Conservatives discuss free market health care reform.

Conservatives are such a cowardly and pathetic lot, they will not even discuss the issue of free market health care reform.

If Conservatives are unwilling to discuss free market health care reform, what are conservatives willing to do?

 I live in Utah. Utah is the most conservative state West of Iran. Because Utahans are constrained by the Constitution, Conservatives have not been able to institute the time honored practice of stoning women, but folks in this state are really good at publicly humiliating and casting people out.

A case in point happened at Wasatch High School up in Heber City. The Modesty-Nazis at the yearbook took it upon themselves to photoshop away exposed shoulders and raise the necklines of the senior girls.

Does anyone seriously believe that these conservatives who photoshop girls' photos in the yearbook to meet their personal aesthetics would ever actually do anything to advance liberty in this nation.

I've lived in the most severely conservative state  West of Iran. I've never personally witnessed a conservative defending freedom. The idea that Conservatives will deliver freedom is about as far fetched at the idea that Progressives can deliver social justice.

Both sides of the left/right split are poisonous. I am happy that our nation was founded by truly great men who attempted to reject this base partisanship to craft a Constitution that takes a stab at defending liberty. Because of the founders, Conservatism in America is just petty acts like photoshopping out shoulders and ostracizing people and not stoning.

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