Friday, May 23, 2014

Conservatism in Action

I live in the most "conservative" state west of Iran. Utah is unique in that the first big wave of pioneers were people who left the United States to establish a totalitarian theocracy. Utah Territory and California were acquired by the United States after a war with Mexico. The US Army invaded Salt Lake City and forced on the people the ideals of a limited government and individual freedom (aka Liberalism).

"Conservatives" in Utah still aspire to a totalitarian state like Iran. So it's always fun to look East to see Conservatism in action.

The big news in Iran is that six people used their iPhones to create a tribute video to a song called "Happy" by Pharell Williams. The young videographers were promptly arrested and imprisoned.

There was a huge social media campaign to free the dancers. The Conservative regime of Tehran finally let up and freed the happy dancers with stark warnings about their behavior.

Anyway, here is the video.

I wish to challenge anyone who believes in "conservatism" to tell me why these people should be arrested?

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