Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paternal Rights in Utah

Utah is a very perplexing state. The LDS pretend to be champions of traditional families. Oddly, the Beehive State is the only state that denies paternal rights in adoption cases.

To make matters worse, LDS Child Services and local adoption agencies aggressively market the loose paternal laws to draw single women into the state to adopt out babies without the paternal father's permission. and others reporting on this peculiar practice approach it as typical backwoods state allowing human trafficking for money.

But I ask, why is a cultural on preserving a patriarchal family structure so keen on giving up paternal rights?

The answer is obvious: It's to get the babies for the state's religious cult.

BabySelling is about the effort of a Mister Cody O'dea to stop the adoption of his child. In this case, the mother was moved between jurisdictions to find a jurisdiction likely to lock the father out of the adoption process.

I find it interesting that Cary L. Shelton, The Agency Director of LDS Family Services, immediately attacks the motives of Mr. Oden for trying to assert paternal rights:

"Many putative birth fathers will say similar things but do so out of attempts to manipulate the birth mother or to save face, and ultimately they don't seem to care much about the child"

Having projected false intentions on Mr. O'Dea, the Utah Child Trafficking machine launched into a deception and intimidation campaign where they hid the baby and misdirected the father until the father was financially exhausted.

The Utah Child Trafficking machine is not simply against paternal rights. They will gladly trod on maternal rights as is often the case of women trying to escape from polygamous cults. Women trying to escape are left destitute and homeless and lack the resource to extract their children from the powerful collectives.

I've lived in Utah since 1976. This is not an unusual case. The people who run this state are corrupt to the core. I applaud Cory O'dea for standing up against the monstrosity that rules Utah.

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