Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Restoring Small Business

The heart of a free economy is small business. Sadly, after years of socialism and business consolidation, the American small business community is in shambles.

To restore the American system in self-rule, lovers of liberty need to do more than limit government. They need to come up with devices that starts generating a large number of small businesses. Specifically, patriots need to concentrate on creating businesses to compete against areas dominated by big biz and big govt.

If we could create a mechanism that taught people to see their own lives as a small business, it would completely change their outlook on life, economics and politics.

What is needed is for an innovative group willing to go beyond free market rhetoric and do something.

I happen to have a wonderful system for creating new businesses that I would love to try.

The business is a group recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It costs relatively little to start a business in this field. The business is a fun game taht involves social networking.

To get started, I need simply find a few people who are not sticks in the mud.

I live in Salt Lake City. I will travel to Washington State in August for a wedding. My current plan is to go up I25 through Missoula then across I90 thru Spokane to the wedding then come back on I84.  This means I can visit people in Utah, Idaho, Western Montana, Washington, or Oregon. (I would like to visit Eugene).

On a site note: I would be happy to travel to Colorado, Arizona, Nevada or even Southern California, provide there was significant interent in starting a freedom centric business in any of these states.

If you are interested, please give me your name and phone number on my Contact Form, I will then call you to discuss the business. It is a recreational business. the business will entail social networking and organizing samll recreational events. The work itself will involve sales.

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