Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Whole Life Model

The real difference between insurance and the Medical Savings and Loan is the mathematical model used to examine health care data.

Insurance examines the experience of a group for a year. The ruling class (state bureaucrats, underwriters, and insurance companies) allocate, plan and speculate on the group's health care needs for the year.

The Medical Savings and Loan sees each person as a whole being. This structure then works to provide individual people with the resources they need for the health concerns of themselves and their immediate family.

These different mathematical models lead to profoundly different conclusions. A society engaged in group analysis of medical expenses approaches health care with questions about the tools they need to give to the ruling class to provide for the health of the people.

A person engaged in whole life analysis asks questions about what we need to do to empower each person in making health care decisions.

ObamaCare is a three thousand page document in which every single word is about the needs of the bureaucracy. These horrid health care exchanges are all about an elite speculating on the care of the group.

I say that this model where we pretend that the ruling elite treat the health of a group is an absurdity.

The Medical Savings and Loan says that health is an attribute of a person. Health care refers to the actions taken throughout one's life to improve and maintain one's health.

Starting with the notion that each person is a real breathing individual, what do we need to do as a society to help assure that each person has the resources to maintain their health?

The Medical Savings and Loan is all about creating financial tools directly around the individual.

In all of these insurance companies, health exchanges and socialized medicine, elitists site around and talk about the tools they need to control the health of others.

The Medical Savings and Loan creates a new position called health care advocate. The advocate sits in a room with each member of the program to help build a savings and spending plan for that individual. The advocates work to secure grants for those with inadequate resources.

Everything becomes centered around the individual and the individual's health needs.

All the questions about pre-existing conditions and portability vanish. Pre-existing conditions and portability are questions about what to do when a person moves from one group to another.

The questions are nonsense in a program based on whole life analysis. People do not move out of one life into another. Every person has a whole life with a distinct start and end.

Starting a discussion about the Medical Savings and Loan is difficult because the discussion ultimate revolves around people being able to understand the distinctions between the group model and the whole life model.

Although we live in an age permeated by mathematical thought, it is surprisingly difficult to find people willing to discuss different mathematical models and how they affect our perspective of vital concerns like health care.

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