Friday, March 25, 2011

Manipulating the Capital of the Nation

The non-news of the week is that some high up Union muckety-muck named Stephen Lerner was recorded planning the collapse of banks.

I filed this report under non-news as I have been to numerous events where lefties spouted off on different plans to manipulate the capital system to creah the market with hopes of establishing a socialized utopia in the rubble.

Manipulating the market for power has been a primary theme of the left for as long as I remember. In 1992, the liberal media praised Soros for breaking the Bank of England in a currency manipulation scheme.

Joseph Kennedy got the money to buy his son the presidency through stock manipulations.

A century before that, a madman named Karl Marx penned an enormous tome called "Das Kapital" which is about market manipulation. Marx's "Das Kapital" laid the intellectual foundation for the system we call "Capitalism"

Marx was not an original thinker. Political rogues have known how to gain power by debasing currencies since antiquity.

While Lerner's silly scheme to break banks with a "mortgage strike" is non-news, it is worth while to point out many people in the ruling class think like Lerner. Progressives spend their days in the nattering little groups scheming on ways to undermine their neighbors for power.

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