Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Is "Islamofascism" Islamophobic?

If we are to ever stop the ongoing wars of the Middle East, we must have a term to describe the enemy we've been fighting in the region.

Personally, I favor the term "Islamofacsism." For that matter, I actually prefer the term to the more common "Radical Islam."

The term "Islamofascism" is based on the noun "Facsism." Facsism was a Western ideology that shared many of the totalitarian views as Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. The term says that we are fighting against a totalitarian philosophy that just happens to exist within an Islamic region. It does a great job separating our foe from Islam.

As fascism was a secular ideology. The term "Islamofascism" is not a de facto indictment of Islam as "Radical Islam" is.

The word "radical" means roots. It actually has a positive meaning in some philosophical systems where radical refers to a deep examination of the roots of one's beliefs.

In the modern world, radical often has the negative meaning of manipulation at a root level. With this second meaning, "Radical Islam" could simply refer to rogues manipulating Islam at its roots.

But, if one applies the traditional meaning of the term "radical" then the term "radical Islam" implies that their is something seriously wrong with Islam at its roots.

Using the term "Islamofacsism" to describe the radical movements of the Middle East places a greater separation between Islam and the terrorist groups of the middle east.

Sadly, our intellectual elite have made the term "Islamofascism" taboo. The progressive elite claim that adding the prefix "Islamo" to a word is unnecessarily insulting to Islam.

Anyway, I was reading a leftwing rant that labeled conservatives as "Islamophobic."

My heart sank seeing progressive spittle use the exact same word form to describe Conservatives that they will not allow for discussing the people who blow up planes, buildings and mosques.

Wondering why its okay to use a word form to attack Conservatives while the same word form is forbidden in discusion of international politics, I decided to do some research on word usage.

I discovered that Wikipedia and various dictionaries generally include warnings that label "Islamofascism" as pejorative or controversial. The definitions of "Islamophobia" concentrate on the faults of people who, for whatever reason, fear Islam.

A girl running away from a father wanting to do an honor killing is Islamophobic. The TSA removing a passenger from a plane for having Pepto Bismal bottle taped to a cellphone is Islamophobia.

Meanwhile, the progressives elite will not allow us a word to describe a person driving a carbomb into a crowded market.

Progressives are Radicals of the Worst Kind

This ongoing manipulation of our language by progressives at the root level is the ugly form of radicalism. Progressives systematically engage in the type of radicalism that results in deep divisions and destroy civil discourse.

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