Friday, July 09, 2010

Redistributive Justice

The concept of redistributive justice is a self-destructive logical fallacy, as the act of taking with the purpose of redistributing is itself an act of injustice.

Proponents of redistributive justice often favor large centralized states to do the redistribution. The process of centralization has the effect of concentrating wealth which is counter to the stated claim of redistribution.

The modern mind loves the paradoxical nature of slogans like "Redistributive Justice." However, such concepts have the effect of undermining society and leading to conflict as the people redistributed from get reduced to subsistence.

Institutionalized injustice does not create a higher state of justice.

Redistributive Justice and Insurance

We tend to associate the term redistributive justice with socialists desiring a totalitarian state. The concept of redistributive justice is as problematic in the private sector.

The insurance industry sells products that are supposed to result in redistributive justice. We buy into a pool. That pool then redistributes the health care resources to those in need.

The actuality of insurance is that, by placing everyone's health care resources into a pool, the industry effectively concentrates wealth and decreases access of care to those outside the pool.

As insurance companies transformed our health care system into monopolies, we find millions of people underserved by their toxic products.

A private industry hawking paradoxes as a product can do as much damage to a society as a government hawking paradoxes.

If we want to preserve our freedom and prosperity we need to create alternatives to insurance and government controlled health care ... such as the Medical Savings and Loan. (NOTE, as there is a high default rate on loans in the medical savings and loan, the system does redistribute resources from well to ill. The system is not built on the concept of redistributive justice.)

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