Thursday, July 01, 2010

Nullified by a Zombie

In the work Nullification (buy at, Thomas E Woods advocates that states use nullification to check the powers of the Federal Government. He makes the inplausible argument that abolitionists used nullification to fight fugitives slave laws and was, more often than not, used to protect rights of the people when the Federal Government steps out of bounds.

Of course all that we learn of the powers of the states is that, prior to the Civil Rights Movement, the supporters of segregation and Jim Crow laws made appeals to "States' Rights." (PS, the states' rights slogan is an absurdity, state's have limited powers, not rights)

In the video, Thomas Woods areguments are shredded by a zombie who points out that Thomas Woods is clearly a neoconfederate, racist supporter of slavery.

I wondered if the zombie is Jason The. Mr. The loves to point at people and make irrelevant and unfounded accusations.

In conclusion, Thomas Woods is a racist neocofederate who seeks to use nullification to counter the centralized government.

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